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Wedding's Art courtesy

Wedding's Art courtesy


- What we provide -


- What's Included - -

Full use of the venue

Use of all our existing infrastructure (Cloth tent, tent lighting, dinner chairs & tables, plateware, silverware, linens, glassware, etc.)

Full service catering

Featuring a two-part seasonal menu with passed appetizers & hors d'oeuvres, followed by a reception dinner in your chosen format. All-inclusive beverage packages, staff and floral arrangements also included

Welcome beverage & Ceremony

All-inclusive Outdoor wedding ceremony. Chairs, nuptial arch and table, floral arrangements, sound equipment, etc.

Event planning services

Scheduling and coordination of the event.Setup, cleanup, parking & general event staff are also included.

- Extras -

We can offer the following for an additional fee per guest

Open bar at night party and late night menu.

Live music party


Coordination of lodging booking as well as transport needed from the airport, train station or guests hotels.


The farm weddings offer is an all-inclusive product where all the quality parameters of the event are designed and managed by the organization. Thus, the participation of external catering is not allowed, either for cooking or drinks. All costs are integrated into our price model. The offer "Farm Weddings" is a closed product although it admits changes to adapt to the different personalities although any change in the design of the product will necessarily entail a variation in the budgeted final price. In the case of the intervention of external organizers (wedding planners), we will gladly coordinate directly with them the details of the event in order to ensure the best performance of the event.




Having an outdoor wedding seems to be the trend these days. So if you are not exchanging your vows in a church, choosing a right wedding ceremony altar is of great importance. It is definitely one of the most important of your wedding decoration. From the carpet you will walk along to the wedding altar against which you will take a number of romantic wedding photos, and also the decoration of the guests’ chairs, there are so many effort to make. To save you the energy, leave it to us. We have collected thrilling wedding ceremony ideas that can wow you and your guests. Are you ready?





We want our kitchen to be the central element of your event. An honest and simple kitchen, always based on the quality of the product. That is why we work closely with the best local suppliers.

Featuring a two-part seasonal menu with passed appetizers & hors d'oeuvres, followed by a reception meal in your chosen format. Buffet style, familiar style or plated.

· Aperitif ·

Themed Tables
Finished the ceremony, the meal starts with an appetizer served in different themed tables. Choose from an Assortment of Local Sliced Meats, Cheeses, Iberian ham or Farm Pickles. (Artisan Breads included).

Passed Hors d'oeuvres

Choose from differents tastes of our package

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Sopa Melo.jpg


· Reception Meal ·

The cooking  looks as impressive as our food tastes. A vast outdoor BBQ provides a theatrical element to the feast. Your guests can admire and anticipate the feast as it’s being prepared.


The cooking looks must be as impressive as the food tastes. A vast outdoor barbecue provides a theatrical element to the feast. Your guests can admire and anticipate the feast as it’s being prepared.
We create menus based on seasonal products. We try to use local and natural products. Along with the food, the service includes all utensils, decoration, and assembly required for the event. Staff also is included. The main course includes beverages, one starter, one main course, one side, one salad, sweet, wedding cake & coffee. 


table decor


Dinner chairs & tables, plateware, silverware, linens, glassware , menu program, Seating chartsand floral decoration are as said included in the offer. We bring you three beautiful options: the White, the Blue and the Green one.


White option

White option

Blue Option

Blue Option

Green option

Green option


live music


Live music performance during the aperitif adds elegance and originality to your event, attracts the attention of your guests and creates an exceptional event experience. 

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A cloth tent with lighting is provided in order to keep the sense of the freedom of movement inside and outside whilst retaining the feeling of an open and natural environment and to find, just in case, shelter from the weather at the same time 



Price starting at 150,00 €/pp + VAT

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are open to the public every day.
We encourage you to come visit the farm in person, if you would like a guided tour of the property please get in touch to schedule an appointment.